***“Kim takes the indecisiveness and feelings of frustration out of the process of getting organized. She’s experienced, knowledgeable, extremely kind and sensitive. Don’t be fooled though – she also knows when to tell you to get your butt in gear! And she helps with that, too! I highly recommend her services…and I do not recommend people lightly.” -Leanne Stauduhar – President – Estate of Value

***“Gently Hard-Assed Kim is VERY EFFECTIVE at helping me stay on-task, work through and let go a lifetime accumulation of clutter. That’s the ‘hard-assed’ part.

She is also friendly, fun and positive, quickly moving me past that sense of being overwhelmed.  In no time at all, my angst around ‘letting go’ disappeared.  That’s the ‘gentle’ part.

Kim is great company while working, serving as life coach if you want, or keeping to herself if you prefer.  She has tremendous range, by which I mean she can find things in common and work effectively with anyone.

She digs right in alongside you, encouraging, supporting, asking the right questions to help you choose, and she WORKS, finding boxers, labelling stacks.  She’ll do anything to help, from bringing empty boxes over, to dropping off full boxes at the re-use center. (She even took several loads of laundry to a laundromat for us when our clothes dryer died).

I know this is going to sound weird, but whittling down the clutter was actually fun with her.

I don’t know how she does it! – Mark Hummel

***“We’ve been working with Kim for quite a few months now. At first, we started off wanting help with organizing our home. But soon after, we decided to buy a different home. Kim took it in stride, easily shifting gears to assist with whatever we needed to make the move happen as smoothly as possible. She helped us find physical help when we needed it, brought us boxes, packed up belongings, and helped us purge a lot of stuff. She’s resourceful, knowing numerous contacts for all of the miscellaneous things that need attention. She is also very supportive, knowing when to push and when to pull back. She offers great advice and especially encouragement. And she loves what she does! So just when you look around feeling overwhelmed, she chimes in with a positive comment about how much has been done or a quick statement that raises your spirits. Yes, yes, I do recommend Living Simply with Kim, wholeheartedly, 5 stars!!!!!” -Gloria Salmi