About Kim

I started my organizing business in 2005. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and was working at an art gallery at that time.  The more I worked with folks hands-on in their homes and businesses the more I realized this was something I wanted to do full time. This was a way I could make a difference in people’s lives. I’m a ‘Helper’ and a ‘Do-er’ so it  truly speaks to my soul. 

‘Use your powers for good’ is my favorite quote from Wonder Woman.  A small figure of her hangs on my key chain.  Every day I go out and ‘use my powers for good’.  It is my mantra. I bring passion, compassion and a goofy sense of humor when working with my clients.

When you change your space, you change your life.

I promote living with intention and living with less; less stuff in our surroundings and less on our calendars. I use the philosophy that LESS IS MORE. I help people set (their) priorities so they can focus on what’s important and spend their time doing what they love. Together we sort, declutter and organize spaces in their home and/or business to simplify to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life. (an intentional life)

We are on this planet for a reason and I believe mine is to share my message- to live a life with intention, live simply and surround yourself with only those things and people that enhance your life.  I wear several hats in this role; therapist, coach, cheerleader, hand-holder, quick thinker, solution-finder, thinker of outside-the-box, motivational and inspirational speaker, author, etc. 

I love the psychology involved in my work…because it’s almost never about the ‘stuff’…it is the emotional feelings or attachment to that stuff.  Every client and situation is different.  Relationships and family dynamics play a huge role in how a person lives and what their surroundings look like. I pride myself in the ability to wrap my brain around people and their unique thought processes.  People believe I go into homes and just organize their belongings…but it is so much more.

It is very rewarding helping people when they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.  Taking away some of the stress out of people’s lives and some of that weight off their shoulders is an amazing feeling!

There is no judging!  Truly I have seen it all. I meet them/my clients right where they are. I tell my clients; ‘Give yourself permission to let go, today is a new day….and be prepared to laugh. I promise to make this an enjoyable experience.

Let me help you declutter your life!  Let go of the excess and the negative…whether it is a thing, a person or a commitment.  

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