Declutter your Life…

In your home:

We will help you simplify, set (your) priorities and organize the spaces in your home.  We’ll talk with you about your ‘big picture’ goals…what’s working and what’s not working.  Through the decluttering process we stress keeping only those items that you love, use and need…those items that enhance your life.  Your home should be your safe haven….a peaceful and relaxing space. 

Clean and tidy spaces brings a sense of calm and clarity.

At work:

We work with businesses to set up a template and system that is efficient and is catered to their specific business needs.  We help organize their office space(s) and filing systems so their business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Additional Services:

  • Moving and Relocation: Whether Upsizing or Downsizing we will guide you through the sorting process of what to take to your new home and help pack up your belongings.  We will help plan the How and Where to donate or dispose of unwanted items. And we will help on the other end with space planning, unpacking and settling-in to your new home. Simplify your move with Live Simply with Kim.
  • Shopping for organizational products
  • Consignment & Donation drop-offs
  • Electronics recycling drop-off
  • Public Speaking, Seminars and Workshops on Living Simply and Organizing
  • Virtual Organizing
  • Helping with closet and storage build out.  We have teamed up with Port Millwork to provide options for creating  a better closet and storage space! They use Virtual Reality to design your space.”Experience it before you own it”.  They will also design your kitchen remodel!  Click here for details: Port Millwork  
  • We also help with Hoarding situations, people with Chronic Disorganization and people with ADD/ADHD.

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